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Sociology students, professor share bond

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Published: Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, December 12, 2012 15:12


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Vassar Sociology Department is housed in Blodgett Hall. The Sociology Majors' Committee hopes to make the Department more accessible to interested students.

For those studying a social science, there is a certain freedom that comes with choosing a specific area of interest to study.

Since the Sociology major is more expansive, the Majors’ Committee strives to bring all students within the department together, no matter what their varying disciplines may be.

Chair of the Sociology Majors’ Committee Jessica Metlay ’13 wrote in an emailed statement, “We are responsible for putting together events to help everyone in the department get to know each other better; as well as creating a fun and supportive community! We also work to make sure that our events help potential majors and anyone interested in sociology become more involved with the department.”

Metlay went on to express her optimism and positivity about her position on the Committee, as well as touch upon a few of the things she enjoys most about it.

“Working with and brainstorming ideas with everyone on the Committee has been very rewarding, said Metlay. “This has also helped me meet other majors in the department; especially, people from other class years. We have a great department of excited students and professors, so I definitely want to create an open and welcoming majors committee that everyone can get involved with and plan events to make sure that people feel connected to the major.”

Metlay continued by adding that she wants to live up to the high standards and precedents set by the Committee in prior years.

“Last year’s majors’ committee did an amazing job, so mostly I want to continue the tradition of hosting exciting events for majors and interested students. Since we have such a good group of students on the committee, I am hoping that we will be able to host a few more events this year,” Metlay explained.

The Committee, which is made up of Sociology majors from the sophomore, junior and senior classes, has already put together several events this semester that have allowed for ties to form within the department.

Earlier in the semester, the Committee held an open forum for majors, as well as students interested in majoring, to engage in discussion with professors in the department. At the forum, professors were able to inform students about the classes they offer in the spring, allowing students a chance to start thinking about what classes they might be interested in taking.

“We invite all of the sociology professors to a lot of our events and it is always exciting to see how many are able to make the time to come,” expressed Metlay.

In an emailed statement, Josh Solomon ’13 commented on the close rapport between students and faculty that exists not only as part of the Committee, but also the department.

“I think the Sociology Majors’ Committee is unique because of our close relationship with [Sociology Administrative Assistant] Terri Cronk and the professors in the department, most of whom went to our first event,” wrote Solomon.

Moreover, Liz Annis ’13, another member of the Committee, added that students are also able to form close bonds with one another.

“Many sociology classes have students from a variety of disciplines, so the committee helps bring us together. Additionally, it is nice to meet and discuss ways to bring awareness to the major and plan events to bring other majors together,” Annis addressed in an emailed statement.

In addition to forming a strong bond, the Committee also wants to educate the Vassar community on what the discipline of sociology actually is.

“I think one of its most important purposes of the committee is to make sociology approachable for students who might not know much about it, because a lot of people have no idea what sociology is before they have taken the Intro class, and even after that there’s so much more to learn about what the discipline means,” wrote Jonathan Bix ’14 in an emailed statement.

Other perk of being a part of the Committee is being kept up to date on any changes going on within the Sociology Department.One such change has been happening online.

“As a member of the Committee, we have been made aware of the development and improvements being made to the Sociology department website which other students may not know is happening. Hopefully, the website will help provide information to other students interested in the major,” commented Annis.

In attempt to bring all these students together one last time, the Committee is hosting a study session on Friday, Dec. 14.

“It is for all students in sociology classes this semester to come and write together in an open space while enjoying some refreshments and snacks. The idea came from the Sociology Senior Thesis Seminar, where there are multiple [occasions] during the spring semester [when] seniors spend [time] writing together with the advisors,” Annis explained.

“We had a great fall semester and I’m excited for us to plan additional events in the spring,” concluded Metlay.  

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