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Published: Thursday, July 23, 2009

Updated: Thursday, July 30, 2009

As the chief chronicle of Vassar life, the News section is the eye and the ear of the College community; every noteworthy event which occurs inside campus gates—and sometimes beyond them—is recorded with honesty, integrity and frankness on the pages of the News section. Given the fast-moving pace of College life, News reporters must be quick on their feet and always ready to turn out a sometimes last-minute story. While the Arts and Sports sections cover the events and issues in the their fields of College life, the News section focuses most carefully on covering College administration, the Vassar Student Association (VSA), academic departments and student organizations, as well as all the breaking news on campus.

When Chris Roellke was appointed as new Dean of the College in 2008, News was there with the story, along with video interviews with the newly-selected Dean; when four students were mugged on campus last fall, News released an article with new details and interviews with the students involved; when the economy threatened to endanger the College’s creative writing program, News was there with numerous online updates, even over Winter Break. The News section is far and away Vassar’s best source for what’s happening now on campus.

Because of the innumerable events on campus, the News section is always looking for reporters. If there is a particular area of College life which interests you most, the News editors will work with you to give you assignments in that area; whether it’s the VSA, a certain committee, the science departments or the local Arlington Business District, you can keep an eye on what interests you most.

As with the other sections in The Miscellany, no previous journalistic experience is required to become part of the News team. For those wishing to see an example News article, browse through some of the links provided below.

2009-10 News Staff:

News Editors: Matthew Brock and Jillian Scharr

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