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Masthead | Fall 2009


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Published: Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Updated: Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Editor in Chief
Ruby Cramer

Senior Editors
Caitlin Halasz, Molly Turpin

Contributing Editors
Chloe McConnell, Elizabeth Pacheco

News Editors
Matthew Brock, Jillian Scharr

Opinions Editors
Angela Aiuto, Kelly Shortridge

Features Editors
Emma Carmichael, Kelly Stout

Arts Editor
Carrie Hojnicki, Erik Lorenzsonn

Sports Editor
Lillian Reuman

Design and Production Editor
Eric Estes

Photography Editor
Kathleen Mehocic

Online Editor
Elizabeth Jordan

Copy Editor
Lila Teeters

Managing Editor
Eliza Hartley


Assistant Photography Editor
Juliana Halpert

Assistant Online Editor
Kara Voght

Assistant Copy Editors
Katharine Austin, Katie Cornish, Sarah Marco



Esther Clowney, Daniel Combs, Wally Fisher, Mitchell Gilburne, Rose Hendricks, Andy Marmer, Christie Musket

Martin Bergman

Jared Saunders